General Warehouse Workers

General Warehouse Workers

General Labor
Posted 1 year ago

Job Description: Outbound Loading


  • Using the RF gun, start scanning the outbound LPN, as the scanner completes the first side of the pallet the loader removes the cartons from the pallet and loads them onto the slinky conveyor.
  • Once the pallet is empty remove it from the loading area.
  • The scanner is expected to help with loading the slinky conveyor as they get ahead of the loader to help keep pace with the Stackers inside the trailer.


  • Each Stacker is responsible for scanning the Outbound LPN for every carton that they load. As cartons come down the slinky conveyor, the Stacker will scan the carton LPN and remove the carton from the conveyor and stack it on the floor of the trailer. Each individual Stacker will continue this process loading cartons from the floor to the ceiling of the trailer making each wall high and tight.¬† This process will continue until the trailer is complete.

Area: Inbound Unloading

  • Start unloading cases from the trailer and place them on the rollers.
  • Scan the Tracking Number Barcode¬†from the UPS Shipping Label for each case unloaded from the corresponding trailer. The system will track the number of cases unloaded/scanned from the trailer and production will be tracked by number of cases scanned.


  • Using the Zone Number sort the case to the correct pallet location set up by Zone.


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